Is It Time To Go Artificial?

We all know it’s not easy to create and maintain beautiful green grass. The thought of switching to synthetic turf may pop into your head from time to time when you are slogging away mowing the lawn, but how much do you really know about artificial grass and is it really worth making the switch over?

Synthetic Turf

 Synthetic turf is made from synthetic fibres which emulates natural grass. It is widely used in athletic fields, and has become increasingly popular in recent years among communities thanks to its easy maintenance. Homeowners mostly use artificial grass for lawns, pool surrounds and decorative borders.

There are some obvious pros for using synthetic turf such as; no more watering, weeding, fertilizing or mowing, and it looks green and healthy all year round. You can spend more time socializing and relaxing in your garden, rather than spending hours maintaining it!

If you are a nature lover and enjoy gardening, then synthetic turf is not for you. Yet if you have a busy lifestyle, you grow tired of constantly watering, mowing and fertilizing the lawn, or if you are a water saver who believes fake grass looks as good as real grass; then synthetic is the perfect choice. However, there are some cons that stop people making the synthetic step.

Older synthetic turf made from nylon or polyethylene may contain levels of lead, which may bring on health issues. But now most of the synthetic turf on the market is certificated lead free. Remember to choose lead free synthetic turf if you wish to replace your real grass.

Another drawback is that artificial field can get to a very high temperatures on warm sunny days, making it unusable during the hot time. Also, some pets like artificial grass yet some do not, it’s your pet’s personal preference!

People’s main concern is the cost of synthetic grass. Though the cost can sometimes be high, an artificial lawn can last between 15 to 20 years, which is reasonable when compared with the long maintenance costs of real grass.

If you can take all the above into consideration; then you can switch to synthetic grass without regrets.

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